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Training role-play #10 - Right to silence

Right to silence (10 minutes)

Trainers to discuss and reiterate the following points:

  1. The police are trained professionals who have many little tricks to try to make you talk. You have to insist that you do not wish to discuss anything about the charges. Moreover you will be unwise to get into discussions about other things. Don't assume that casual discussions are not a way to gather information about you or the charges. In the cells do not discuss your case with anyone.
  2. You should remain silent. And request to speak to your lawyer immediately. Do not waiver. Do not sign any declarations. Do not discuss anything about your case. Do not even discuss an alibi.
  3. Choosing to exercise your right to remain silent will NOT be held against you by the court, although the police might try to convince you otherwise.
  4. Also, don't ask other people about their cases, and remind them not to talk if they start to tell you things you don't need to know.

You might decide not to identify yourself. Or you may decide to identify yourself but not to provide your home or work place address. There can be very practical reasons why you would not wish the police to have this information. If you refuse to provide this type of information then you will likely be held for a bail hearing in the court.