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Training role-play #4 - Rights & freedoms to protest

Rights and freedoms to protest (10-20 minutes)

Group to brainstorm human, civil, political, common law rights that they are aware of. Trainers to highlight others. Discuss or distribute summaries of the ICCPR.

Facilitator to begin discussion:

Obviously, there is a difference between our rights in theory and our rights in practice it is up to you decide when and how you wish to assert and exercise your rights.

In general, when interacting with police or other agents of the state, it can be useful to assert your rights when you feel they are being violated, but fighting or arguing with them is often pointless and may make you the target of greater repression.

Discuss ways of asserting civil and political rights: doing the protest or rally, using legal or human rights observers, via police liaison, inform media when rights infringed, fighting the violations of rights afterwards in the courtroom, or in the court of public opinion'.

Also see: Our rights to protest section of this website.