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After an action

  • If you are working with lawyers, please inform them of any arrests and provide all details of where the arrestees have been taken, what charges they may face, etc.
  • Keep security and confidentiality at the forefront of your mind. Remind people calling that phones may be tapped (the jail's and/or yours).
  • Get (and keep track of) arrested people's booking and arrest numbers and upcoming court dates.
  • If and when you hear from your friends in jail, contact the rest of your affinity group and others the arrested folks want informed of the situation. Update those people regularly, even if nothing's changed.
  • Be able to arrange travel home for your arrested friends. This can mean arranging a friend with a car, collecting money for public transport, or providing their own transport outside the police station following the arrest.
  • Be available until everyone in your affinity group is out of jail.
  • Be able to get messages from the outside world to your arrested friends. This is a HUGE morale booster.
  • Start a call-in or write-in campaign. Call your local member of parliament; the police commissioner, and radio talk back lines to explain what has gone on and to let people know how many people have been arrested. Write a letter to the editor of papers like the Age, the Herald Sun or local press highlighting any issues that came about because of the arrests, including denouncing police harassment, misconduct, unlawful arrests, and/or the attempt to oppress and silence people.