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Jail visits

Depending on the city and the circumstances you are in, activist legal team members may or may not be able to do jail visits with lawyers. If they can, they will be able to:

  • Get pertinent but legally sensitive info from arrestees
  • Give arrestees emotional and moral support
  • Build trust and confidence in the legal team and in each other
  • Share information from other arrestees
  • Share information about action on the streets, about activity in the courts
  • Call legal office with updates from jails!

If arrestees are using Jail Solidarity, legal pairs can:

  • Arrange group meetings
  • Arrange group negotiations
  • Facilitate communication amongst all arrestees about strategies, tactics, demands, and negotiating positions
  • Call legal office with updates from jails!

If activists cannot go into jails with lawyers, there are other options. The legal team might choose to send a member down to the jail to meet with the lawyer before and after the visit. They might also choose to get people in to do jail visits one-on-one. The purpose of these would not be to discuss their case or specific situation, but to give moral and emotional support to the arrestee.