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Volunteers & responsibilities

Volunteer responsibilities

  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • Work no more than an 8 hour shift
  • No sleeping at the office (except if you’re working a graveyard phone shift)
  • If you're in the office, you are working
  • Know security protocol and follow it
  • Let people know what you’d like to do, what you don’t mind doing, what you need from them
  • Let people know if you’re tired, discouraged, stressed, or burnt-out
  • Let people know when you need information or help accomplishing a task.

Legal team responsibilities to volunteers

Maintain a healthy office environment Make sure volunteers aren’t stuck doing work they hate Keep volunteers informed about office procedure and what’s happening in the streets Check in to see how volunteers are feeling and how office procedure can be improved Do an exit interview when volunteers leave to see how they felt about their experience and what they would change about office procedures.