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Secure and well-maintained databases can be crucial for keeping track of mass arrests, injuries or police complaints.

Database for arrestees:

  • Name/nickname
  • Affinity group
  • Legal support person with contact info
  • Arrest time
  • Arrest location
  • Where detained
  • Booking number
  • Gender
  • Date and time of first and subsequent contacts with legal team
  • Asked to see legal team/lawyer? How many times? When?
  • Medical info
  • Notes

Lawyer database:

  • Contact numbers for attorneys
  • Each attorney's availability/schedule
  • Time and date dispatched
  • Location dispatched to
  • Activist dispatched with

Legal observer database:

  • Legal observer name
  • Contact info
  • Availability/schedule

Legal support person database:

  • Affinity group
  • Legal support person name
  • LSP contact number