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All documents should be copied electronically on disk, on the hard drive, and on a USB disk if possible. Hard copies should be produced and copied according to the particular need for each document.

Arrestee / Injured Person Instruction form

(have hundreds available; each desk/phone should have a stack)

Arrestee Tracking Sheets

(numbers depend on how many people are arrested; most should be sent with the legal team member going to do outtake at the jail but some should remain at the legal office for people who we might miss).

Printed reports from databases

(each desk should have at least one copy of arrestee database, which will have to be printed each time it is updated; each desk should have at least one copy of the legal support person database.

Copies of any media releases

(one or two copies of this will be adequate, one for the flak and other legal team members working on media).

See Support team resources for above mentioned pro-formas.