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Team safety

Ensure the safety of the Legal Support Team, especially if you are holding sensitive photos, footage or other evidence of protests, or if Legal Support Team spokespeople are making media comment about sensitive issues (such as inappropriate police behaviour at protests), as they may themselves experience harassment or intimidation from authorities.

It is important to prepare for such possibilities and but measures in place to look after the safety of legal support team members, media spokes people and the information you have collected.

Basic 'security culture' measures are important ways to protect the safety of the legal support team.

  • Turn off phones/take batteries out/put them in another room during meetings.
  • Think about what information is distributed via email or other electronic communication.
  • If members of the group are feeling unsafe, support each other, some support tactics include daily telephone check ins, making sure people are not alone at night if they don't feel safe in that situation etc.
  • Providing Activist Legal Support can be exhausting, time-consuming and extremely stressful. Be aware of your own limitations, and be aware of burn out. Identify it early and make sure to rotate tasks if possible to minimise these risks.

Even though the role of the Legal Support Team is to support the movement - make sure the team has appropriate support as well!