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Support for prisoners

Providing supporting for the needs of prisoners may include the following:

  • Arranging legal defence and raising money
  • Calling a prisoner’s family, friends, job, school, etc.
  • Feeding cats, walking dogs, caring for children
  • Paying overdue bills, etc.
  • Arranging for visits by chaplains or for religious services. (In jail even the most hard-core atheist will welcome these as a diversion!)
  • If prisoners are in for a long time, supporters may visit, write letters or post money in prisoners’ jail accounts so they can buy supplies at the commissary as the situation allows.
  • Being there to pick them up, greet them, feed them and provide comfort when they get out.
  • Arranging medical care if needed.
  • Providing emotional support, counselling, and help in debriefing afterwards.
  • Remembering to support people who have been unexpectedly arrested.

This section has been reprinted with permission from the author and adapted to the Australian context.

The original version appeared on the Starhawk website, copyright 2002 Starhawk