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Types of support

Make the authorities aware that they are being scrutinised!

Call or appear in person to demand information about specific prisoners. Knowing that someone will do this for you will help you avoid panic and despair.

Mobilise political support: This is your best protection in jail! Call, write letters, send faxes and emails to jail authorities, police authorities, politicians, etc. Mobilise others to do the same. Start close to home; with the politicians’ own constituencies. Through the Internet, it’s easy to mobilise international pressure. Be sure the phone and fax numbers and emails you provide work internationally.

Conduct a vigil at the jail itself. Inform the media. Call a press conference, give interviews, talk on the radio, arrange interviews of released prisoners, write letters to the editor. If the general media won’t cover the issue, contact Indymedia.

Organise support demonstrations at home, at embassies abroad, at government offices, etc.

Contact people who might have influence with the authorities. Is your aunt’s second cousin a government minister? Call on your political allies and enlist their help and support. Contact international organisations such as Amnesty International.

Mount legal challenges.