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Provide legal information

Provide written legal information to participants. In some cases this could be as simple as linking relevant sections of this website onto website or Facebookpages about the protest. Ideally, the relevant sections could also be printed and handed out or made available to people on the day of the protests. Don’t assume that everyone will have Internet access!

In other cases it may require producing specific information relating to a particular protest. Again, make sure this information is available electronically and in hard copy on the day. There is a fine line between including enough information to facilitate people understanding the legal risks of their actions, and overwhelming people. Think about how much information is necessary to provide to empower people, and ways of presenting information that may work against your objectives.

Case study: Justice Tracks Collective and Climate Camp

Leading up to Climate Camp we put in a lot of work creating a zine, a small hand-photocopied booklet full of info about preparing for and taking direct action. It contained sections on ‘why take direct action’, common offences relating to protests, preparing for direct action, the arrest process, the court process, and a personal account from someone who had been arrested etc. They deliberately tried to avoid the text-heavy and ‘boring’ format of a lot of legal information, and focused on making the resource accessible, easy to digest and beautiful, by including diagrams and pictures, including a cartoon character P. Bear, as much as possible.