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Activist Legal Support

There are three core aspects of Activist Legal Support: information, support and solidarity.

Legal information is best provided by lawyers or legal practitioners. Support is best provided by a well-organised legal support team. Other activists can only really provide solidarity. All three of these are crucial in good activist legal support.

  1. It is vital that activists have access to accurate legal information about their rights and the consequences of their actions and activities. Providing clear and accurate legal information is best done by progressive lawyers but can be distributed by organisers or legal support teams.
  2. This website hopes to support activists and also to provide resources for campaigners and legal support teams to help develop effective activist legal support.
  3. Solidarity is looking after each other when facing the police or legal system. Legal solidarity describes a set of activist tactics to support and protect people when they are being held in police custody, in jail or facing court. Legal solidarity tactics have been used effectively for decades in the civil rights, peace, environmental and global justice movements in Australia.

Individual and collective tactics of non-cooperation can be used to protect targeted or vulnerable people in the campaign, meet demands and maintain the combined strength of activists after arrests occur.