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Obstruction of forest operations

The most common offence for forest activists to be charged with is hindering or obstructing a lawful forest operation under section 95A of the Conservation, Forests and Lands Act 1987 (Vic).

It is an offence under this Act to hinder or obstruct another person in the “lawful” carrying out of forest operations (e.g. logging, clear-felling, road construction, etc.) or the carrying out of forest operations (section 95A).

What constitutes a “lawful” forestry operation can be the subject of legal argument. The maximum penalty is a fine of $2000.

For more information on possible charges relating to forest protests in Victoria see Environmental action charges section or go to Lawyers for Forests site.

Obstruction of road works

It is an offence under section 225a of the Transport Act 1983 (Vic) to resist, hinder or obstruct any authorised officer in the execution of his or her duty.

The maximum penalty is $2500 or six months' jail.